IMPACTNOW is a platform to network and liaise with member constituents, institutions, Central and State Government Officials, etc. that will help you expand your activities as also enable a conductive learning environment for sharing problems and finding prospective solutions.

Just as implementation is the touchstone for planning, community participation is the centre-piece in rural development and is one of the foremost pre-requisites of development process both from procedural and philosophical perspectives. For the development planners and administrators it is important to solicit the participation of different stakeholders - the corporate sector, the technology providers, the skill development agencies, the government planners. etc., to make the plans participatory.

IMPACTNOW works thru and with the support of the various experts and organisations who are assisting us with their expertise, technologies, and financial support. You can read more about some of the work of our experts and partners from this site itself. In some cases - the links will take you to the partners website.


IMPACTNOW works closely with the NGO sector, and as such, spends a great deal of effort in promoting the benefits, strengths and values of this sector. It might directly or indirectly generate promotional materials or direct customers/corporate /donor agencies to its membersfor the programs that they manage.

We are also connected with the media and provides a communication platform to its members thru its own website and other promotional tools. Marketing and communication are key components for organizations and provide significant value to members.


IMPACTNOW is creating a network of various Policy, Research and Advocacy agencies.

These are organizations who work closely with the Centre/State governments on issues and concerns across development sector. Their expertise is developing research based white papers and reports that draws upon the experiences at the grassroots.

They are crucial links in our network for assessing the effectiveness of these policies and the resultant programs through research and analysis.


Some of our programs are managed thru the CSR funds of corporate and PSU's with different organizations' coming forward and adopting different sub-programs within the IRD program.

One of our first partners was OMRON Automotive - a Japanese company who has already adopted the Poly House cultivation and is funding the complete construction and management of the same apart from providing free training in this technology to the farmers from nearby villages.

We are already in discussions with a few other companies who are keen on funding the Rural Housing, Skill Development, and the Solar energy facility for the project.


The various facilities that are being setup require domain expertise both for the initial setup as well as subsequent management of the entire infrastructure. To ensure that the facility truly becomes an efficient model facility - we are working with Technology partners who are involved in the setup; as well as training our staff in subsequent management of these facilities.

Looking at the long term benefits in being associated with such a project - a few of our technology partners are also investing in the project by providing free infrastructure.

On ground demonstration of these Technologies help create a strong refernce case fur large scale adoption.


As an NGO - you are constantly approaching various corporate organisations and trying to seek funding for the various projects and initiatives that you are working on at the grassroots. However - do you have the right kind of profile and image that can influence those decision makers?

We understand that most of the NGO's do not have internal capabilities nor the extensive budgets that are required for creating an impressive corporate presence and visibility.

To help the NGO's - we have tied up with a few professional agencies and have created the following 4 packages which have been specially customised keeping in mind the distinct requirements of an NGO / Implementation Agency.

Please take note that these are special negotiated rates that are almost 50%-70% less than the prevalent Market rates.


If you would like to create a more corporate friendly image and want to avail of one or more of these offers - please get in touch with us at info@impactnow.in.